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Mithril exists since september 1999 when Bjorn Tytgat and Hannes Pype met ... They decided to start a band, and call it Mithril, since especially Bjorn is fascinated by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.  It was decided that Jurgen Callens would take care of the vocals ... Rehearsals started, some songs were written, but they had, ofcourse, a very incomplete lineup.

The struggle for a bass player and even more for a drummer was a long and tirering road ... But, in August of the year 2000, they finally found a bass player in Didier Vancamps.  About a month later, a drummer was found in Jonas Calu. 

Now, Mithril is finally ready to start performing all the material they have collected in over a year !!

Here is some info on the separate band members:
- Didier - Jonas - Jurgen - Hannes